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We intend to make Delaware the "Heart Healthiest" state and your donations will help us achieve some of the following initiatives:

  • We have invested in state-of-the-art digital ECG machines but we need double what we presently have to reach our goal. 
  • We have also invested in digital CPR manikins but would like to double our supply of these as well.
  • Over 6 years we have staged 24 events, mostly in schools, mainly in NCC. Going forward, we plan to stage 2 events monthly statewide. That's 24 in the next year alone!
  • We want to buy a used school bus and convert it to a mobile unit. This will allow us to travel to any venue.
  • We will be lobbying Dover to strengthen The Grace Firestone Act for SCA to make it a model for the nation.

Your donation can make the difference in saving a student's life by identifying heart problems with an affordable, effective ECG.

Thank you.