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EKG screening for ALL Delaware students aged 8-23. Training in CPR/AED

Other health-related stations

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Heart In The Game's HEALTH FAIRS saves lives

Sudden Cardiac Death is the #1 killer of students on campus. A normal physical identifies 7% of cardiac issues. Family History identifes 20%. A simple 5 minute non-invasive EKG identifies 80%.

What is an EKG?

EKG screening, Training in CPR/AED

Over 4+ years we have screened over 2900 students and trained in CPR/AED 3 X that amount. We save lives and teach others to be heroes themselves. Other stations include "Healthy Eating", opiate addiction and a host of other health-related stations.

Host a Heart In The Game Fair

Normally school nurses or AD's are our contact person. We meet with you, discuss the costs, view the gym and set the date. Nurses perform the EKG's. We connect with our health related stations who have been with us in the past. We do all the work. Pediatric cardiologists eval the results. 

17th EVENT - Sat April 14 - Seaford Middle School - 9am-Noon. Open to All Delaware students. Visit Event Registration to download waiver.

18th EVENT - Wed May 16 - McCullough Middle School. IN School event.


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Heart In The Game

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We believe in investing in well-being to improve the quality of life, creating a sustainable future for our community. 


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EKG Screening

A simple, 5 min, NON-invasive EKG measures the electrical rhythm of the heart. 

  • Physical exams identifies 7% of abnormalities.
  • Family History identifies 20%.
  • EKG's identifies 80%.

Training in CPR/AED

Bystander CPR saves thousands of lives annually. It increases the likelihood of survival by 80%. You, too, can be a hero.