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TV interview: The Delaware Way
Heart In The Game Founder Greer Firestone interviewed by Phila TV news anchor Larry Mendte on "The Delaware Way". 

TV interview filmed at Nemours 

Firestone interview after event sponsored by Kenny Family Foundation 

Heart In The Game at Nat'l Assoc of School Nurses '16
Complete power point presentation from NASN Conference 

NCC TV interview @ 1st event 1/14
New Castle County TV - edited by Communications Director Tony Prado  

Grace Firestone  AHA Survivor Advocate 2017 our national voice to prevent SCA in youth. We are united in our mission. 

SCA affects 1 child every hour 

What would you miss most? 

Heart In The Game has been a member of Parent Heart Watch for 5 years. Here's how it makes a difference  

Dr Jonathan Drezner, Medical Board Member of PHW, interviewed by Anderson Cooper  

Check out our past health fairs!
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In school sponsorship: Become a Hero

Sponsorship: $2000. per year. What a sponsor might receive:

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