Our Expanded Mission: Making DE the "Heart Healthiest" State

PROJECT GRACE: IN school Cardiac Emergency Response Team

 Over 4 yrs, 3K students receiving FREE EKG screenings. We are expanding our mission to make DE the "Heart Healthiest" state.

PROJECT GRACE. We go into DE schools for an 8 hr intensive training, testing, drilling and certification of students and teachers to create a CERP Team (Cardiac Emergency Response Plan). If someone goes down, the PROJECT GRACE Team will be ready. We drill 3 x's / yr.
Our pilot program begins at Springer Middle in May. 

A brief power point on what will happen

IN School Sponsorship: Become a HERO

 Sponsorship: $2000. per year. What a sponsor might receive:

  • School billboard(s) logo
  • School web site logo
  • School Websites4sports logo
  • HITG web site and fb group recognition